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Tnuva Slim

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  • Amplify online buzz around the new yogurt & light cheese range Tnuva Slim containing the magic ingredient 'inulina' and its benefits, with Online Brand Ambassadors support.

OBA Solution

  • Message: OBA creative messages and conversational skills were combined to promote the product as a benefit for those who want to lose weight in a healthy way
  • Support: Cover more than 70 online platforms (forums, blogs, social networks)
  • Timing: 6 weeks (April-May 2011)


  • Conversations: Over 250 comments on forum conversations around the benefits of Tnuva Slim range
  • Contests: Over 1350 consumer responses on 5 Tnuva Slim forum contests
  • Free PR: 7 articles on food blogs & contests that gathered more than 4000 visitors/week